Eco-Friendly Cat Water Fountain Kit
Eco-Friendly Cat Water Fountain Kit
Eco-Friendly Cat Water Fountain Kit

Eco-Friendly Cat Water Fountain Kit

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Calling all caring cat parents! Introducing our new Eco-Friendly Cat Water Fountain Kit!

Why Eco-Friendly?

We care about the environment as much as we care about our fur babies.

Hence we eliminate the 99% of plastic from our water fountain kit, but not the benefit of keeping our fur babies hydrated with running oxygen-rich water!

Simply use (or reuse) a bowl with no more than 30 cm depth and place our Cat Water Fountain Kit with the chosen faucet. Your fur baby is ready to enjoy running oxygen-rich water all day long!

Tips: We recommend using glass or ceramic or food-grade steel for a plastic-free water tank that's safe for your fur baby.

A Sustainable and cost-effective plastic-free healthy gift for your fur babies!


Be creative and use your cat's favorite bowl to make your fur baby's very own customized water fountain!

See some creative ideas from our customers:

Designed for picky drinkers!

Our water fountain kit comes with 2 faucet designs and allows you to use any water tank size.

Flower Pedal Faucet – Multiple Stream, best for multiple-cats household.

* Illustrative photo, water Tank Is Not Included

U Shaped Tube Faucet – Suitable for those who love to drink from the tab!


* Illustrative photo, water Tank Is Not Included

Ultra Quiet and Energy Efficient operation! No annoying sounds to disrupt your home.

Auto-detect of low water level, you won't have to constantly check the water level.

Suction base for firm and reliable service.

No electricity leakage hazard! The fountain runs on USB and has no direct current, making it safe for both pets and humans. 


With our DIY kit, you can create a water fountain that fits your cat's unique preferences and personal style. Make it your own!

Upgrade your cat's hydration game with our water fountain kit today!

Package Includes: 1 Faucet (Flower Shape/U Shape), 1 Water Pump, 1 USB Cable

  • Auto Detect Of Water Level
  • Powered with USB Plug in, no direct current, safe to both Humans and Pets
  • Eco-Friendly version, use/reuse your favorite salad bowl or any bowl, be creative!
  • The water pump is made with premium non-toxic ABS material
  • 2 Faucet options
  • Easy to ensemble, just plug in the faucet to the pump and your fur babies are ready to enjoy the oxygen riched running water!
  • Cost efficient, we cut down not only the use of plastic but also the price!
  • Take it anywhere! With the USB power supply, you can even use it with a power bank.

Customer Photos:

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