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Playfulmeow VIP Membership

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We are very happy to invite you to join our VIP Membership Program wherein you’ll get an instant US$20 gift card and 20% off for any amount of purchase along with the following exciting benefits!

  1. Instant US$20 Gift Card

  2. 20% Off for any amount of purchase the whole year round

  3. One-year warranty of your purchase – Simply send us the photo/video of the broken item, we will replace it for free with no question ask!

  4. Birthday Surprises

  5. Weekly Freebies 

  6. Pre-Sale of our latest deals and new arrivals

  7. Dedicated Customer Service Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I get from the VIP Membership?

You will get not just 1, but 7 pawsome perks all year round starting from the date of your subscription!

  1. Instant $20 Gift Card
  2. 20% OFF for any amount of purchase
  3. One-year warranty of your purchase 
  4. Birthday surprises
  5. Weekly Freebies 
  6. Pre-Sale of our latest deals and new arrivals
  7. Dedicated Customer Service Team

    Does the VIP Membership expire?

    Yes. The VIP Membership along with its described benefits and discounts is only valid for twelve (12) months following subscription

    How to get my US$20 Gift Card?

    An email containing the US$20 Gift Card will be sent to you upon subscription confirmation.

    Is the Gift Card refundable?

    Gift card(s) are not refundable or redeemable for cash and can only be used toward purchasing items on the site.

    What is the expiry date of the Gift Card?

    Your US$20 Gift Card will expire 1 year after issuance

    Can I give the Gift Card to others?

    Yes. Your gift cards are freely transferable and can be broken and applied across multiple purchases on this Site. You may transfer gift cards to family members or friends who may want to try the Service.

    Is there a minimum order amount to use the Gift Card?

    None. You can use your gift card to purchase products with no minimum order amount.


    How to get my 20%OFF discount code?

    Your 20% OFF discount code will be sent to you through email upon subscription confirmation.

    Is there a minimum amount of purchase to avail the 20% OFF?

    None. You can get 20% OFF for any amount of purchase all year round.

    Can I use my USD$20 Gift Card and 20% OFF discount on a single purchase?

    No, you can only use either one upon check out.

    How to get my Birthday Surprises?

    You need to respond to our email asking for your birthday information so we can send out our Birthday Surprises to you instantly on your birthday!

    How to claim my 1-year warranty?

    To benefit from our 1-year warranty for all products that you purchased within your membership duration, all you need to do is to send us the evidence (photo and/or video) of the broken items. We will replace the same one for free with no questions ask.

    Is the weekly Free deal completely Free?

    Yes, the product is completely free. All you have to pay is the shipping fee.

    How will the weekly Free deals be delivered?

    Our list of Free deals will be sent exclusively to you as our VIP through email on a weekly basis.

    Can I cancel my VIP Membership?

    Yes. You may cancel your VIP Membership at any time by sending an email to one of our customer service representatives at with no cancellation fee.

    Will I be notified if my VIP Membership is about to expire?

    Yes. An email reminder and invitation for renewal will be sent to you before your 1-year subscription expires.

    Can I subscribe to multiple VIP Membership ?

    One (1) VIP Membership is intended for 1 email address. You can subscribe to multiple VIP Membership Card for you by using different email address.

    Please see our Shipping, Refund & Return Policies here: